We’re spending the week at the North American HandmadeĀ Bike Show in sunny Sacramento, California and figuredĀ “Hey, why not blow our entire 2019 marketing budget on these fun business cards?” *Enthusiastic nods all around*

WeĀ were chuffed to be able to give folks a hint at what can be done with the bike-on-bike compare view with these cards. This way of visualizing bike geometry is so powerful and intuitive, but tricky toĀ implement. Geometry datum from bike brands comes in all different forms since there is really no standardized way of measuring bikes, so we’ve had to build a robust and flexible system for collecting data and processing it, filling in gaps andĀ making educated guesses where necessary.

Have a bike you’d like to compare like this? See if we have it our explorable database already or feel free to help us out by adding it yourself.

We hope to see some of you at NAHBS. Hit us up for some business cards and a preview of the site!


Dan and Zach

Bike Insights